Weather in Russia

arrowTime Zone (Moscow is UTC +3) Note that UTC is also known as GMT, or Greenwich Mean Time. Conversion details and additional info: here

Russia stretches across eleven (11) time zones, and a few major city times (UTCs) are shown below. Based on the data shown, add the suggested hours to the Moscow time to find that city's current time.

Perm (UTC +5) add 2 hours to Moscow time

Omsk (UTC +6) add 3 hours to Moscow time

Irkutsk (UTC +8) add 5 hours to Moscow time

Vladivostok (UTC +10) add 7 hours to Moscow time

arrowClimate The vast Russian Federation has a wide variety of weather conditions.

In general terms, winters are somewhat mild along the Black Sea coastal areas, much colder inland and northwest, and frigid in Siberia.

Summers vary from mild to warm in the west and central, with cooler conditions north, and along the Arctic coast.


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