Russian Events

Russia is a country with a strong cultural and traditional ambiance. Throughout the year a number of events and festivals take place in Russia. Why not plan your visit to Russia during one of these events.

Christmas or Yule-tide is celebrated during January in Russia as the former Soviet Union had banned the holiday. Santa Claus was also made illegal and thus ?Grandfather Frost? with his blue suit was invented to replace him. New Year is celebrated twice by most Russians. This is on 1 January and 14 January. New Year's Eve tend to be a family affair with the launch of fireworks and a grand feast. The Russian Winter Festival is held annually from 25 December to 5 January. Celebrations include music, folk shows, dancing and sleigh rides plus much more.

In February you can join in the celebrations of the Maslyantisa Festival. This Russian event is held to celebrate the end of winter. Large festivals are held in most towns and cities and people can enjoy music, dancing, bright costumes and delicious taste bud delights. Men's Day or Soldier Day takes place on 23 February.

Women's Day is on 8 March. Gifts are presented to women and they are given the day off from work. Easter Sunday is also held in March. Priests and parishioners carry lit candles through the town.

April and May are the months of the Moscow Music Spring Festival. During this time music concerts are performed at several venues.

May Day also known as International Workers Day is on the 1st of May and involves parades in Moscow's Red Square. On 9 May the Victory Day Parade takes place with parades, gift giving and feasts in honor of war veterans.

From 21 June to 11 July Russians flock to the White Nights Arts Festival in St. Petersburg, Moscow and the Golden Ring. At this festival visitors can enjoy theatrical performances, music concerts and other fun-filled events. Independence Day on 12 June is an official holiday. Revolution Day on 7 November commemorates the revolution which took place in 1917 against the rule of the czars.

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