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Weather it's the snowy peaks of the Caucasus Mountains or the ancient domed majesty of Saint Petersburg, Russia has a lot to offer. And access to the most beautiful and remote locations as well as to the bustling cities is readily available ? all you need to do is book your tickets.

All the countries of the world (except for the former Soviet republics) provide 30% of the total number of foreigners coming to Russia. At the same time, ten countries are leading in terms of arrivals to the Russian Federation (they consist 80% of the whole market). Among first of them ranking in decreasing order are Germany, Finland, USA, Great Britain, Italy, France and Japan. In the recent years this list has expanded due to the Baltic countries, with which business and tourist exchange got increased, and the Republic of Korea, from which the number of tourists arriving to Russia in 2001 exceeded that in 2000 by 37%.

Approximate expenses regarding their trips to Russia in 2001 amounted to $374 million (without taking into account their expenses for air travel), whereas the average stay in the country was 6.5 days.

According to the WTO estimates, presently, the most prospective market segments are:

  • environmental tourism;

  • cultural and educational tourism;

  • subject or specialized tourism;

  • cruises.

Owing to its unique natural and cultural potential, as well as due to the interest to it of the foreign tourists as a new tourist sector, Russia has all the reasons for development of all the

Above-mentioned types of tourism.

In 2000 the hotels of Russia served 16.6 million citizens of the country, and the sanatorium and health resorts facilities provided their services to 8.5 million people. The main tendencies of the demand in this market consist in maintaining of the priorities as far as the traditional types of holiday-making are concerned: beach type in the South of Russia, cruise type in the Volga Region, sanative holiday-making and ski mountaineering. At the same time, it is quite noticeable how little by little the interest in the cultural and educational tourism is coming back. Among them are such types of tourism as hunting, fishing, event-driven and environmental tourism.

The primary receiving markets for tourists from abroad and for domestic tourists

Totally, by 2000, there were 9.1 thousand resort and tourist accommodation facilities in the Russian Federation, the total number of rooms being 472.1 thousand. The accommodation capacity was 1100 thousand beds, of which about 40% was falling at the hotel accommodation facilities. But for all that, the average annual rate of room occupancy reached 42%. At present the highest room occupancy rate is characteristic of the hotels in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories, and Kaliningrad Region.

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