Notary Section


The Notary Section is open on working week-days from 09.00 a.m. till 12:00 p.m. Delivery of documents is from 15:00 to 17:00 Hrs.


Charges for Services provide by the Notary section

Legalization, authenticity of the signature of the authorized officer of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi, Legalization of the company (Article, Memorandum of Association, Incorporation) - 

Authenticity of translation from English language into Russian - Rs 2700 per 1 page

Authenticity of translation from Russian language into English - Rs 3680 per 1 page

Translation fee - Rs 1000 per page (not more than 250 words)



Every document to be legalized should be duly attested by the Section Officer (O.I.) C.P.V. Division, Patiala House, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi.

Payment is accepted only in cash. Without full payment the documents are not accepted. Fee once paid is not refundable. Legalization requires 2-3 working days for completion.

To make a power of attorney, to certify your signature on a document or to certify a copy of a document you need to visit the Notary Section in person and present your passport. If you are acting on behalf of a company you should also present Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum, Articles of Association and Official Seal of the company. If you are not a director or a secretary of the company you must also present minutes of the board meeting which empowered you to sign the power of attorney on behalf of the company.



In most cases public documents which originate in India and are destined to be used in the Russian Federation will not be accepted by the Russian authorities or organizations unless they are translated into Russian language and certified by the Consular Division of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in New Delhi.

The Consular Division provides translation from English into Russian and from Russian into English of documents (e.g. birth and marriage certificates, passports, Court decrees, etc.). Commercial documents (e.g. Articles of Association and Memorandum) are not accepted for translation.

Only those Indian documents are translated and certified by the Consular Division which are notarized or certified by Indian public officials such as Solicitors, Notaries Public, Registrars, Officials of Chambers of Commerce or by the Section Officer (O.I.) C.P.V. Division, Patiala House, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi or other authorized bodies.




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